What we did


The design was meant to serve as an exhibitor for 5 companies in the field of new technologies, and must cover their different proposals, variations of space, uses and content. It was designed as a common piece using shapes and organic lines, distributed in a smooth way and generating different paths that allowed the user to interact and see the exhibition from various points of view.
The exhibition area three-dimensional was placed in the center of the room, respecting a distance of 3m with the surrounding walls, to facilitate the traffic of visitors, and the reading the information panels.
  • Rhinoceros


For the development of the design they used the drawing tool Rhinoceros as software that allows the creation of organic shapes.
Taking as a starting point, the dimensions and characteristics of the objects in the exhibition are created one piece at measure where you display them, for it was generated 25 different levels that wrap around the objects.
  • Wood Panel DM
  • Laser cutting


The model was built using the same material that would be used in the final assembly, like the system of cutting by laser.
  • 9 people


The team carried out the assembly in 8 days. The pieces were prepared from the workshop, and because of its size it can be ordered and mounted in situ. The last part was to paint the pieces and place the lighting and wiring.

Final result

diseño finalizado stand

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