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Studio of architecture and design of audiovisual specialized in the development of trademarks and corporate spaces, emotions and experiences.

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We design projects of innovation for innovative companies.

We use the imagination and the new technologies, our goal is to achieve edge solutions.

We believe that the design must be present from the start of any project, transcends the mere aesthetic value, is a tool that helps businesses to communicate efficiently and properly.

We think of sustainability as an element of creativity. The circular economy is transformative, disruptive, regenerative, and is creating opportunities across the economic spectrum.


Designed to live and coexist.

We have specialized in the creation of work environments. An office, a store, a study, are places where people must interact with objects, architecture or messages, and must do so fluid and natural.
Our goal is to improve both the satisfaction of customers and the workers themselves.


We don't do logos, we build brands.

We created a visual language and auditory innovative, conceptualizing your story, creating an experience that defines efficiently the values of your company.
We seek to systems and supports alternative communication for your voice to be heard in a different way.


Projects to play the 5 senses.

The development of new technologies in the field of communication opens a range of opportunities with which to thrill your customers. From the design of web pages to the address of projects, video and animation, sound and audio-branding, augmented reality and virtual projections of videomapping and digital systems of interaction of all kinds.


New manufacturing systems.

Development of projects of application of biomimicry to design and architecture. Naturalise the design of cities through the creation of applications such as immersive architectural alive for buildings that breathe through the use of biomaterials or applications in the field of urbanism, such as the mobility, the organic growth or the connection evolutionary between different areas of the city.

More information on the web Laboratory Biomimetic

Mountains Noval

The boutique dental

We designed the image of this dental clinic reference in Oviedo, under the premise of excellence and minimalism.

project complete
Drives of Fidma

A stand that looks to the future

Design, installation biodigital created to showcase innovation in the industry, asturian, 61 International trade Fair of Asturias.

project complete
Drives of Fidma

A stand that looks to the future

Design, installation biodigital created to show 61-fidma innovation in the industry asturias.

project complete

Technology and design giving life to the ideas.

We designed the identity and offices MediaLab_ a period of learning in which the university is working on projects in design, communication and humanities, through the use of technologies of industry 4.0.

project complete

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Do you want to see more projects,
other ideas or solutions?
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more projects
Susana PascualCEO PixelsHub

We contacted Volumínica looking to give a break from the concept of startup to enterprise, and that they perceived our customers. The challenge was not easy, because it included in addition to a change of office, and complex technical requirements for certain facilities of work, but what at first seemed like a handicap managed to turn around completely to turn it into a hallmark of the office.

Mariel DiazDirector in Triditive

Ingenuity, creativity and good taste in a single company. Volumínica has had the capacity to satisfactorily resolve challenges in our projects in an agile and efficient. Best of all, the personal relationship with the great professionals.

Ramón RubioDirector Medialab university of oviedo

We were looking for an image for the MediaLab in line with its mission: innovation, impact, clean, modern, attractive and, even revolutionary...and the setup solution that we have provided has exceeded all expected. The communication and provision during the implementation of the project has been excellent, a pleasure. We continue to work with them because they are the best companions in design and installation.

Dr. Leo PerroneTechnical Director at Montes Noval

What I highlight, after several projects with Volumínica is the ability of understanding, it is not easy to have an idea and carry it out so quickly, in the case of our clinic cost little time to approve the project and even less time the design of the shop window, and that's because he achieved a harmony and a good feedback with the creative, without doubt we will continue to work with them in future works.

21 June, 2021

Designing a sustainable future. An interview for EME Magazine

Without having had time to recover from the global pandemic of COVID-19, we entered into a decisive decade; and it is in our hands, one and all, to get back on track to...
27 June, 2020

The garbage as an opportunity for design

The design and architecture, like other sectors, should direct their gaze towards a more sustainable future, exercising the profession from the care and respect for the planet....
17 March, 2019

New challenges of design

Volumínica® Studio is born out of the personal union of an architect and a graphic designer. The professional union of both resulted in a laboratory of architecture and audiovisual design, complex...

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