Mountains Noval

2017 – 2019

What we did
  • Visual identity
  • Showcase
  • Labeling of facade
  • Award Asturias Designs 2019 Best window dressing, category Design space.
  • Award Asturias Designs 2019 Best Design and Sustainability, Design category of services.


Mountains Noval is a dental office that offers comprehensive services. The work consisted in creating an identity from scratch. We designed a monogram that was supposed to act as a supplement to the brand, the result is interpreted by the union of m (Mountains) and the n (Noval), reminding us of the teeth of a smile. This monogram appears embossed or as a print in various applications ranging from medical appointment reminders and institutional stationery, until its products, materials, or packaging.
The brand avoids the use of traditional photographs of people smiling, and rested the weight of the image in messages, which is a typography singular.
Our approach was to give priority to the importance of keeping teeth healthy and clean. We chose green to reflect its close relationship with the professions that are dedicated to the care of the health. The white was chosen as the color that wraps around the entire brand, evoking the brightness of a perfect smile.
imagen corporativa



PANTONE 325C / #62cbc9



Typography logo

 Pluto light

Typography corporate

Pluto is a source of informal and amiglable. Due to its large x-height, it is easy to read and works very well at small sizes. This family of type contemporary is ideal for a company that wants to have a close relationship with their customers.

 Pluto Sans Family

Design showcase

The local is situated in one of the most central streets and busy of the city of Oviedo. For this reason, we take the part of the clinic to the outside to claim the attention of the passer-by, and in 2016 we created the first installation for the window display. We developed a proposal striking and original that keeps the values of the brand: purity, minimalism and elegance.
We used utensils of dentistry, in addition to being easily identifiable by anyone, we suggest purity, precision and hygiene.
The material of which they are made, steel, and its color't fit with the overall aesthetic of the decor of the clinic. We are left only with the mirror oral looking for uniformity, its way less aggressive than the other helps the armoniosidad of the set.
  • 100 mirrors mouth
  • Fishing line
Escaparate Montes Noval Espejos
Frontal escapate

Design showcase summer season.

For the summer season we proposed a showcase of elegant and colorful, test-tubes full of fruit gums.

  • 100 probes
  • Gummy colors

A twist to the sustainability.

On this occasion, we wanted to reflect what will be a turning point in the future of the clinic, the commitment to create the dental center more sustainable Asturias.
One of the objectives is to reduce the use of plastic, that's why we used toothbrushes made of bamboo, a hygienic material, biodegradable and sustainable production.
We joined the main global challenge of the Environment, to end plastic pollution, if you can't reuse it, reject, #beatPlasticPollution
In addition, you will not only find the brushes on the storefront, with your first consultation, you will receive one gift.

  • 100 toothbrushes made of bamboo.

My two cents.

Our last intervention was to go a step further, we organize a cleaning on a beach in Asturias, with the idea to collaborate with our friends and family and to be targeting all those who wanted to participate. About 70 people we got together with the idea of eliminating the waste that we could from that beach.
Everything collected will be classified and accounted for, in the end we selected the most common residues and dangerous, and they design showcase of the clinic, which consists of 100 test tubes hanging from the ceiling that contain some of the waste that we picked up on the beach, an image that seeks to raise awareness of its dangers, associating in addition, this image of environmental awareness to the clinic.
  • 100 tubes of glass.
  • Residues found in a beach cleanup.

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