Normma Consulting


What we did
  • Naming
  • Visual identity
  • Web page


Normma is a consultant legislation that offers services for risk prevention, data protection, training, etc ..
Your goal is to differentiate yourself with a treatment proactive for companies not only to adopt the regulations, also so they can use it to your favor by knowing the pros and cons of a close and credible.
The efforts of the brand is aimed at attracting a younger audience under age 40, with an activity related to the world of the image in its broader concept, from architecture, photography, and design to hairdressing and aesthetics, fashion, etc., A public away from these issues that finds it hard to invest time in keeping the day, so that Normma must project power and youth, closeness and honesty, credibility and warranty.
Versiones logotipo positivo
Versiones logotipo
Normma papeleria folio
Normma Branding papeleria
Normma tarjetas, identidad visual
normma detalle barniz brillo
Normma imagen corporativa
Normma documentos corporativos
Normma tarjetas corporativas
Guia de estilo manual de identidad
portatil diseño web


Visual concepts that define each one of the specializations of Normma.
Illustrated by Fran Fire
sello normma

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