Gijón Impulsa

University of Oviedo



What we did
  • Visual identity
  • Design Offices
  • Video for the launch event


The Media Lab are spaces of creativity, creation of digital projects, innovative and collaborative. Without a concrete definition, and closed, are home to some of the world's fields as journalism, design, art, digital, new technology, or engineering.
MediaLab_ will be a period of learning in which the university will work on design projects, communication and humanities, through the use of technologies of industry 4.0.
The design of the identity uses a visual language that is intended to be a claim for young people to participate and collaborate in a multidisciplinary setting. We use as a visual metaphor for the graphical representation of bits and atoms, a name of two of the fundamental spaces of the MediaLab_

We made special emphasis on the use of materials that are environmentally responsible, as the fabrics organic, paper, stone, etc

Graphic resources

We take as a reference the graphic representation of the bits and atoms to create a visual code that could be mixed and create infinitely many solutions.



PANTONE 152C / #E87200

LAB: 63.77; 36.92; 52.4
HLC: 55; 64; 64
CMYK: 0; 45; 74; 11
sRGB: 228; 126; 60
LRV*: Approx. 33
*Light Reflectance Value


PANTONE 333C / #2ED9C3

LAB: 78.24; 47.35; 1.68
HLC: 182;78; 47
CMYK: 79; 0; 10; 15
sRGB: 45; 217; 195
LRV*: Approx. 54
*Light Reflectance Value



Typography logo

Reef Bold is a font with endings rounded, a style close and friendly that invites the approach. Following the philosophy of resources, open source, its license is free and can be downloaded easily from a myriad of websites.

Reef Bold

Typography corporate

PT Mono is a source of the so-called monospace fonts, the width of all characters is the same as for the that was used to set up complex documents, to control table widths, etc. reminds us of the style of the old scientific papers.
As a resource to corporate, will be used the underscore "_" at the beginning of holders or key phrases, as a reference to the script of the logo.

PT Mono



  • 12,47 m x 12,75 m
  • Total useful floor area = 155 m2
  • H free = 2.50 m

Design offices

Search for a spatial order through the sequence of parts that are interconnected.
From the beginning working on project ideas that arise from an approach to geometric to release the central space, as this will ease the situation and interconnection of the functional needs.

“Geometry as a means of approach to the space it is able to generate an intrinsic order of the project.”

C. FerraterArchitect

The space.

Open space with a central pillar and two access doors.

Functional Program

The functional program is structured in bands around the area of tours according to three zoning:

Yellow: Welcome, and spaces of public use and common.
Rosa: Spaces of creation and design.
Blue: meeting Areas.


Zoning according to functional program:

Welcome and spaces of public use and common:
1. Reception and administration
2. Library
3. Audio-Visual Space

Spaces for the creation and design:
4. Training (workshops)
5. Research (Members in residence)

Laboratories of digital production and manufacture:
6. A café area. Meeting point
7. Meeting room
8. Storage

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