What we did
  • Web design.
  • Space design for event presentation.
  • Cell separator.
  • Posters informative.


Triditive is a centre for additive manufacturing pioneer in the development of machinery, industrial automated.
Mariel and Jose Antonio asked us to help promote a new and innovative machine, the Amcell, a technology that is disruptive allows the serial production of metal parts.
We decided to start the redesign of the web that they had and add a special section to the new machine, we focus on creating a minimalist design that enhances the visualization of images, with an information architecture that stands out messages that trap the reader.
The second part consisted in the design of the space for the presentation event of the machine, which was supposed to be the main character, framed in the first forum of additive manufacturing on an industrial scale, held in Gijón. We design different graphics applications and create a separator ephemeral that would be more welcoming space, the huge ship of the Laboral Centro de Arte.


I Forum of Additive Manufacturing on an Industrial scale

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