What we did
  • Visual identity


i4life was born as a service to improve the quality of life. A team of engineers, generating technological solutions for the treatment of diseases and health problems like parkinson's.
It is a product aimed at the end customer but will be of pharmaceutical and medical to approve its use.
We seek a patient-focused approach to technology and people-centered, an aesthetic, a smooth and friendly inviting approach.
We use the hummingbird for its symbolism, in many cultures avistarlo is a good omen, symbolizing happiness and good luck and is a sign of protection.



We use color therapy for the choice of colors, also known as color therapy, is an alternative therapy, regarded as pseudoscientific which holds that the light or environments that have a certain color are useful for the treatment or cure of any disease.
Blue sky

The colour has a relaxing which helps to clear the mind. It's cold and serene.
Acts against stress and insomnia.
Helps to refresh and soothe.
Helps to reduce the fever.
Helps in stress, hypertension, anxiety, colic, and stomach cramps.


PANTONE 2995 C / #00A7E1

Green Turquoise

Produces a feeling of joy, calm, confidence, and hope.
It helps to create harmony and balance, increases the body's defenses.
Support the muscular system and the device motor.
Helps calm and relax the nerves.


PANTONE 7472 C / #57B6B2

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