Pass the North


What we did
  • Visual identity


Pass the North looking for homes for their clients, special places, breathing tradition, corners that remind us of times past where they lived in a more relaxed way, so Pass the North must be seen as a reflection of the quality of life.
The aim is to offer our clients homes with charisma in rural environments, a type of client that is willing to pay more for find a dream place, exclusive places with so much charm.
Our target audience will be people between 40-60 years, with a high percentage of foreign origin, that they respect and value the traditions, with a middle socioeconomic level who are seeking a second home to escape the city or that you intend to turn in their home, the place where you can spend the rest of your life.
The project needed an aesthetic that will bring us close to the rural world but with a point sofisiticado.


Green English

PANTONE 3308 C / #004438

beige wood

PANTONE 155 C / #F1D09F

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