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What we did
  • Visual identity
  • Naming
  • Video of company
  • 3D Video product
  • Presentation for the event


The dentistry sports is the branch of sports medicine that deals with the prevention and treatment of dental injuries and oral diseases associated with sport and exercise.
Leo came to the studio to teach us a revolutionary product, a splint dental designed by him, efocada to high-performance athletes. The splint is designed in a personalized way, fitting to the millimetre to the bite of the athlete by providing multiple benefits: effective protection against dents, it helps relax the muscles, prevents teeth grinding which allows the expenditure of energy to focus on the sport that is in progress, and finally improves the entry of oxygen directly to the lungs while maintaining a slightly open jaw.
We had to create a name for the splint and the visual identity of the product, in addition to it is going to hold a launch event for the create the slide show with several how-to videos, and the scenery.
We wanted to highlight the principles of innovation and sport, reflecting the aesthetics of a high-performance, resource-based graphics such as infographics, representation of data usage, and other aspects that we inspired technology.
Sound design: Inflected Sound Design
3D modeling: David Guezz


The name is the soul of the identity, and sometimes suggests to us the services or products offered by the company only listen.
We have to take into account how it is pronounced in other languages and to avoid negative associations.
We will consider if we are going to register the name, or if you want a domain to create a website, we need to create a name registrable.
In this case, we wanted our name to be associated with the sport, health and technology, also would take the initials of its creator Leo Perrone (LP)


Healthy | Protection | Correction
Nutrition | Breathe | Sleep | Cleaning


Sport | Distance | Pro | Goal
Effort | Success | Impulse


Techno | Cyber | Ect | Auto
Innova | Digital | Interface

Visual references


Visual references


Visual references


logotipo LP



PANTONE 325C / #62cbc9





Typography logo


Typography corporate

Metronic Slab Narrow

Protection against shock

Relief dental facilities with a layer of 2mm of ERCOFLEX.

Higher oxygen input

The lift back creates a channel of direct air to the throat.

Muscle relaxation

Protection of the mandibular condyles. Reduces tension in the neck and back.

Prevents bruxism

Relieving headaches, anxiety and irritation.

The event

The presentation event was held in the space Circus of Oviedo, space design, modern and colorful.
There were the two corporate videos.

Photos of Jose Manuel and Manuel Persian

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