Official college of Nursing of the Principality of Asturias.


What we did
  • Naming
  • Visual identity
  • Branding Space

Starting situation

In modern health systems, technological changes and organizational happen at a breakneck pace. Excellence is often surrounded by cutting-edge technologies and new ideas that come to revolutionize the treatment of diseases, but also health care.
Nurses are the professionals and specialists in health care, however, their presence in the programs of innovation and technology has been nothing short testimonial saving honorable exceptions that every day there are fortunately more and more frequent.
Nurses are well prepared to collaborate with other agents in the development of innovative ideas, new systems of organization and application of new technologies for the care of the patients, although they have traditionally been displaced by other professionals and lost an enormous amount of knowledge.

Brand strategy

The Official College of Nursing of the Principality of Asturias, aware of the importance of innovation in our health care system, and the need to exploit new technologies to improve health care and make it more efficient, we have proposed a specific program of innovation in care.
Through this program the CODEPA you want to create a new culture of innovation in health care, led by the nurses so as to produce in our professional, digital literacy, and a revolution in the way we deal with health problems of individuals and communities.
The report “triple impact”, the precursor of the international programme " Nursing Now talks of the investment in nurses generates not only benefits the health of the communities but also in gender equality and in the local economies. To increase these benefits, organizations and institutions should promote programs that facilitate the incorporation of the nurses to the innovation ecosystem.

Key words: Close, Innovative, Collaborative.


It is called naming the creative process which creates a brand name.
We can say that the name is a part of the brand that is not visual, you can play with a speech, therefore, should be, attractive, original, creative, thought-provoking and evocative of the brand identity. You have to have a personality of its own, it should be easy to remember and pronounce in different languages, we offer the possibility of that is recorded in the patent and trademark office, and we have to make sure that it does not have negative associations
The creation of the name must go hand in hand with the values, attributes, experiences, and emotions that the mark you want to broadcast.

For this project, the Official College of Nursing P. A. wanted to create a place of innovation, where the nurses could contribute to an environment that allowed them to experiment with new ideas for creating the future of nursing.

That's why we chose the name Lab Care, laboratory as a place of experimentation, trial, trial and error, and the term care as the one that best defines the profession of nursing.

To create a unique name extracted from that appellation created Cuidalab.


We seek symbolism that we inspire closeness and accessibility to design the logotype of the brand, a smiley smile, a hug, a heart, soft forms, rounded, and achieved this effect.


In exploring with different types of faces, we realized that we could create one using the first letters of the name of the brand CUI, in this way, the isotype was integrated in the logo.

Graphic resources

Graphic resources corporate enrich the visual aspect of the brand and help to identify it more easily.
We use geometry abstract that remind us to test tubes, or gear of a machine in operation.

The Cuis

We create the Cuis as a currency of exchange to reward the proactivity of the nurses participating in the initiatives that are proposed from Cuidalab.

Branding Space

The branding space is the application of the values of the brand to an architectural space through the development of a concept. To apply the branding to a physical space we are creating a unique experience to the user and enhancing the services or products that the company offers.

The branding space improves the environment that surrounds people, influencing the well-being and productivity of workers, and the perception of the customers about the business.

Current Status

The office will be the new headquarters of the Cuidalab is located in the City Centre of Business Drives in Gijón, within the Technology Park. Highlights of its proximity to the University Labor, to the Hospital of Cabueñes, as well as to the school of nursing.

The entrance is through a hallway distributor, from which you access other common facilities of the building.

The space interior is almost a square, with large side windows with directions West and East.

Useful surface area = 29 m2

H free = 2,60 m

Functional program


Renders, 3D visualization

Photography, final result


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