What we did
  • Visual identity
  • Web design
  • Packaging
  • Signage

Starting situation

Diecolpet is a biotechnology company based in Asturias, whose objective is the creation of innovative products, ecological and biodegradable, which contributes to improving the quality of life of our pets.

Among their products is a antiorines revolutionary, one hundred per cent effective without affecting the health of the dogs.

Brand strategy

There are two fundamental factors that have to do with the advantages offered by the product above those that already exist, on the one hand, a green alternative, and on the other, create unique products trying to achieve a greater efficiency.

Product ECO.

It would be the main feature to emphasize because it is the differentiation with other brands.
In Spain, since 2006, the words Eco, Bio, Organic may not be used to refer to a product that really is not, therefore, it is an asset to our section, please include this terminology because our product is.

Unique products and quality.

We need to have an identity of its own, original, and distinctive, reflecting the values of the brand, we don't want to look like anybody, because our product is not only different, it is best to.

Key words: Ecological, innovative, protective.


We seek partnerships with the nature, we use the golden ratio which we frequently find in it, in addition to its cosmetic condition: that the forms of respect to the golden ratio is considered beautiful.

Smooth and round shapes reflect closeness and accessibility.


The design is inspired by 2 factors:
– Health, we seek to imply that our products are healthy and that can be associated with a sale in pharmacies as if it were a medicine.
– The “D” as an association and a reminder of the name of the company.


We apply the new identity to the labels of the products.
We unify the packaging to 3 products, which would add a fourth, the shampoo.

Previous design

New design


Oriented to the sale of a product, a website live with constant updates on the news page, we also develop the store to the online sale of the products.
We hired our dog as a photographic model. 😉

Visit their website from here

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