Ministry of Culture and Sport


What we did
The Idea and the illustrations: Goyo Rodríguez
Animation: Volumínica
Sound design: Marcos Cabal
Locution in Spanish: Nuria Santos


The campaign, "Read protects the mind" of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, is to extol the benefits of reading, its capacity to move to other worlds, or how it allows us to make better decisions and offer other points of view.

Reading stimulates the intellectual development, in short, we help you to get a better version of ourselves.


Strategy concept

To "Read protects the mind" we seek a language of literature, which was suitable for all audiences, which would allow us to tell a story with an introduction, a development and outcome, and to do so in the shortest possible time.
There were 3 spots 25 seconds in which the magic of reading provides us with concepts of self-development, evolution and transformation.



In the spot 1, we develop the idea of how reading helps us to overcome the problems that arise during the life.


In the spot 2 to speak to our evolution, reading helps us to grow and mature.


In the spot 3 a change of perspective transforms our way of seeing things.

Illustrations late

Spots late.

Each spot is translated to the 6 official languages.

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