Huerta la Vega


What we did
  • Branding Space
  • Showcase
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Packaging


Local production, artisan, bulk, fresh, and seasonal, but above all eco, are the factors that define the products of Huerta la Vega.
The store already had four years of existence when we got the assignment, the project was to relocate the business to a new larger facility in the centre of Gijón, with the idea of providing a greater variety of products in bulk and fresh.
We seek to create a space that would reflect freshness and naturalness, comfortable spaces for the users, that beckon to be explored.
A flexible space that must absorb the changes that occur in the choice of products of the shop itself, changing according to seasons and the choices made by the customers themselves.

Current status

Continuous space and open plan, with a rectangular shape, with a toilet located at the bottom of the local.
Access only (public and internal) through two large windows
showcase interior.

Overall dimensions: (11,30 x 4,55 m) + two spaces exhibition
Total useful floor area = 49,10 m2 (+ 5,90 m2)
Free height int. = 3m

Slowed down the partition wall that separated the public area of the store to increase the space in-store to 35,60 m2


We divide the space according to uses:
– We take the right part of the display window to highlight special products, gift boxes, etc. with shelves at different levels. It is an area that is visible from the outside, we seek to attract the gaze of passers-by.
– Nothing more to enter the frescoes, a large central table lets you see the product from every angle, against the wall, a large shelf allows for the storage and exhibition of a greater amount of product.
– In the background we designed the area of bulk, with a variety of containers, glass jars of different sizes, a zone for bags of 25 kilos and another 5kg, trays for artisan products, etc

Materials and textures

We chose natural materials and renewable, such as jute, burlap, cork and chose woods with the seal of the FSC ensures responsible management of forests, in addition to what we surround everything with a lot of plants.


On the facade, a drawer with glass allows us to highlight the logo on a background plant, an impeccable work of Lucia @botambi


Using about 50 placemats, jute and cork create a composition with a strong identity, with which we seek that the pedestrian has no choice but to stand to look at.

Web page

We redesigned the website with an aesthetic more clean, we seek simplicity as a return to the origins in the power, as understood by our grandparents.
What we like the most is the "Basket-of-season" now you can plan your weekly shopping from the web, with organic products of the season and take home!

Graphic design

Also we re-designed some graphic pieces, economy of resources, papers, raw, fonts, rough, illustrations, hand made, and all without losing the air of modernity.

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