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What we did
  • Product design
  • 3D modelling
  • Manufacturing of prototype


Modulez is an exercise that reflects on the modularity, inspired by the chess designed by Josef Hartwig in 1923.
The main challenge was that their pieces were composed by the sum of the same unit, the shape was chosen to be a pyramid with a square base, but not anyone, its geometry divides the cube into 6 pyramids equal.
It tried to make its final form recognisable, resembling the classic design of the pieces Staunton that we all know.
The design has been thought that the number of units of each piece to correspond with its value, as well, the piece of lower value, the pawn, is formed by a pyramid, called minor pieces, knight and bishop for two, the older parts, tower and reigns for three and finally the king, which is formed by four units.
Its modular design also allows you to fit the pieces together in time to save the game, which leaves a size of the box is too small.

Pawn (♙)

The shape of the pawn is the one that we use, with its repetition, to create the rest of the pieces.

The Pawn it is the piece of lesser value. At the beginning of a game, each player has eight pawns, which are arranged in rows 2 and 7, ahead of the rest of the pieces. The pawn is moved vertically by the column in which it is located, without being able to go back. In the first movement, from the starting point, you can move forward two squares and, from there, one-on-one.

Plan and elevation

Isometric View

Knight (♘)

The horse is considered, along with the bishop, one-piece lower. It is formed by two units.

The Horse has a motion similar to a "L" and, unlike other parts, you can skip parts in the middle. At the beginning of a game, each player has two pieces that are arranged in columns b and gin the first row for white and in the eighth for black women.

Plan and elevation

Isometric View

A bishop (♗)

As the horse, is a piece less. Therefore it is formed by two units.

The bishop moves in a diagonal, we can't skip parts involved. Due to the characteristics of its motion, has the deficiency of the weakness of the color because their movement is limited to the color of the square in which the game starts.

Plan and elevation

Isometric View

Rook (♖)

The tower is a major piece, are assigned to 3 units in its design.

The Tower it is generally used at the final stage of the game due to its strategic value and tactical. At the beginning of a game, each player has two pieces. Moves in straight lines in the columns and rows of the board, not being able to jump pieces, enemy or friendly.

Plan and elevation

Isometric View

Lady (♕)

The Lady is the other major piece, which is worth 3 units.

The Lady, like the tower, is able (with the help of the king) to win a game against a king solo.

The lady moves in a straight line down the rows, columns and diagonals on the board. Can not to jump to her own pieces, or the opposing

Plan and elevation

Isometric View

The king (♔)

The king is the only instrumental piece, if it were removed it would be the end of the game, therefore, is the part with the maximum amount of units, 4.

The King it is the most important piece, whose capture is the end goal of the game. During a game, the king can't stay under the threat of enemy pieces in no time, must be placed securely on the move immediately following, in case of being attacked. The rules of etiquette in the chess indicate that threaten the opponent's king, the attacker can break the silence of the game and announce "Icheck!" and, in the case that the king could not escape from capture, to announce "Icheckmate!". These gestures are considered to be optional according to the rules of the game.

Its movement consists in the displacement of a box or squares in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Plan and elevation

Isometric View

3D modelling


The way that the pieces can fit in between if it allows us to get a small space to store the chess. In the examples we see as the pawns are placed in the gaps left by the larger pieces, forming cubes solid.

The two Bishops oppose each other and unite, the remaining space on the sides completed with pawns.

The Lady allows the lace of 3 pawns.

Presentation of the pieces in the box.


3D printing in PLA.

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